Server reboots when silo overflows - FreeBSD 4.11

Lefteris Tsintjelis lefty at
Fri Feb 11 06:32:42 PST 2005

Mike Tancsa wrote:
> Take out the sio2 and sio3 definitions and just have
> device sio
> device puc
> leave sio0 and sio1 as is.

That didn't work either. Kernel kept on core dumping.

What worked, and got me pretty worried, is:

Dmitry Liakh wrote:
> Try non-SMP kernel or disable HTT.

#options        SMP
#options        APIC_IO

When I disabled these 2 everything worked well! I worry because
I have a few installations of v4 with SMP/HTT and there are no
immediate plans to upgrade to v5 yet.

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