5.3-stable doesn't ifconfig at startup

Kenneth W Cochran kwc at theworld.com
Thu Feb 10 23:05:10 PST 2005

Hello -stable:

Any idea(s) why (my) 5.3-stable (as of 9 February) isn't
configuring the network interface or setting up the default route?

I installed 5.3-release from CD and things worked fine.
Then I updated the system sources (via cvsup) to RELENG_5 and
went through {build,install}world/mergemaster/reboot as outlined
in /usr/src/UPDATING and now I get no network interfaces
configured & no default route set.  I've tracked RELENG_4 for
years with nothing like this ever happening.  Kernel has not been
reconfigured (yet), it's still GENERIC, albeit RELENG_5 now.

In looking through the rc scripts, it appears that network
interface(s) are being renamed but I see no references to this
in, say, UPDATING or errara or other documentation.  Any ideas?
Pointers to documentation are welcome. :)



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