Adding an usb harddisk

Doug White dwhite at
Thu Feb 10 14:29:33 PST 2005

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Jack Raats wrote:

> I want to add an usb harddisk.
> Acoording to fdisk it's formatted as a "NTFS/HPFS/QNX" disk
> Can I add this disk and still using this file system?

NTFS is a Windows filesystem. You can't install FreeBSD to it but you can
mount and use the volume.  See the mount_ntfs manpage for restrictions on
our NTFS support.

You can mount it using 'mount -t ntfs /dev/daXXXX /YYYY' if you don't want
to make a UFS filesystem. (replace XXXX with device name and YYYY with
desired mountpoint.)

If you do want to reformat it for UFS, see the article on formatting media
at for instructions.

> What kind of dev/fstab do I need to add?

Its like an existing one, just change the filesystem type from 'ufs' to

> Do I need an extra swap slice?  How to make one?

Not unless you want one, but if you do you probably need to destroy the
NTFS filesystem to make space.

> I'm using FreeBSD 4.11.

NTFS support there may not be as mature as the one in 5.x.

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