Lock/reboot, no dump (ugh)

Karl Denninger karl at denninger.net
Tue Feb 8 17:36:11 PST 2005

Hi folks;

FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE #1: Wed Feb  2 22:57:48 CST 2005     karl at FS.denninger.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KSD-SMP 

Sources from January 30th.


1.	Using GEOM_MIRROR to mirror two SATA drives.

2.	Nightly, a third drive is used to back up, as follows:

	a. Check to see if the drive is visible on the SATA interface.
	b. If not, "atacontrol attach 2" to scan the bus it is plugged into
	c. Verify that it is now online.
	d. Use "gmirror insert ...." to insert it into the mirror.
	e. Wait for it to sync.
	f. Stop critical processes (e.g. DBMS, etc)
	g. "gmirror deactivate ...." to remove the backup from the mirror.
	h. "gmirror forget" to clean up the RAID
	i. "atacontrol detach 2" to detach and spin down the disk.

	The disk is now removeable without drama.

Initially, this works fine.

After a couple of days, it gets flakey.  The disk is found during the
attach, but the devices for everything other than the base drive are
MISSING (e.g. the slice and partition table entries in /dev)  Attempts 
to access the base device also fail with "Device not configured" and of
course the rest of the script aborts since the disk isn't there when it
tries to add it to the mirror.

If you push it by trying to detach and attach a couple more times,
eventually the system will just freeze up.  A minute or so later, it
spontaneously reboots.

During the "freeze" the console is deader than a doornail - the CAPS key
flips the light, but VT selection is dead, etc.  I/O is completely
quiescent during this time as well, including from the network.

Sorry I don't have a crash dump from this - at least so far I've been 
unable to coax it into producing one.

I'm going to try removing the "attach/detach" stuff and see if that helps,
in an attempt to figure out where its getting pissed off.

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