ATA mkIII first official patches - please test!

Arne Schwabe arne at
Mon Feb 7 09:15:21 PST 2005

Søren Schmidt <sos at> writes:

> Randy Bush wrote:
>>>>After suspend, my ThinkPad X40 now hangs with following logs (copied
>>>>by hand):
>>> Hmm, do you have ATA compiled in or as modules. I could easily
>>> imagine that modules could have problems, but as "built in" nothing
>>> really changed...
>> my patched t41, current with ata in the kernel, locks up with disk
>> light on solid on resume.
> Does it work with stock ATA ?
> I cant work on suspend/resume as it has been broken due to ACPI 
> brokenness since september last year on all my laptops...

Same here, worked before the patch. Does not work with the patch.

compiling millions of tiny c-programs...done
checking for a working configure script... not found
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