[HEADS UP] perl symlinks in /usr/bin will be gone

Christian Weisgerber naddy at mips.inka.de
Thu Feb 3 12:55:46 PST 2005

Charles Swiger:

> >Why should the authors of those scripts break them for systems which
> >have /bin/env?
> Name one such system. [1]

There was a discussion about this a few years ago on comp.unix.shell.
Let's see...

Ah, I see, the starting point was actually the reverse assumption
that all systems had /bin/env.  Somebody mentioned /sbin/env on
Irix, but I don't know whether that was instead of /usr/bin/env or
in addition to it.

Of course I can always handwave in the direction of those hundreds
of Linux distributions...

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                          naddy at mips.inka.de

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