gmirror SCSI+IDE

Martin Cracauer cracauer at
Thu Dec 22 14:24:01 PST 2005

Ivan Voras wrote on Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 06:39:18PM +0100: 
> For some funny reasons, I'll probably have to setup a gmirror between a 
> SCSI disk device and a IDE one, and won't have much time for testing. So 
> I'm wondering did anyone do such a thing and are there any caveats.

It is just operating on block devices.  You can plug in anything from
your mp3 player to your google mailbox.

> For 
> example, AFAIK SCSI devices are under Giant and IDE are not 

In 6.x and 7.x both are finer-graded.

> - is there any 
> reason this would make problems?

If you have different speeds on the disks in a raid-1 you should mess
with the raid software to tell it that one disk is likely to be

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