Sysinstall automatic filesystem size generation.

Darren Pilgrim dmp at
Wed Aug 31 06:07:27 GMT 2005

From: Julian H. Stacey
> "Steven Hartland" wrote:
> > data. In addition to that I dont have to sit though 1 hour worth of 
> > offline checks when it crashes for what ever reason which I do on
> > FreeBSD boxes.
> [Apologies if I missed something, coming in late on thread, but ...]
> FreeBSD-4 does fsck on dirty filesystems before going multi 
> user: You wait.
> FreeBSD-5.* & 6.0-BETA3 : fsck runs in background after boot: 
> No waiting.

A dirty volume can cause some fairly severe problems if it's used before
the background fsck completes repairs.  I'd rather delay restart than
face even more damage when something else dies because the volume was
mounted dirty.

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