Dell Latitude D510

Trond Endrestøl Trond.Endrestol at
Fri Aug 26 19:42:01 GMT 2005

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 18:23+0100, Brian Doherty wrote:

> I have a dell Latitude D510 with the mist recent BIOS installed.
> I have win XP factory installed, boots fine.
> I have tried installing the following on a partition:

I have the same model and experienced the very same problem a couple
of weeks ago. John Nielsen suggested I should try booting 5.2.1 but I
haven't had any time to do so.

The problem as it was explained to me, is related to FireWire.
If you could boot the laptop with a custom kernel without any FireWire
support I guess you might succeed.

In the good old days you could disable in the kernel all the drivers
you didn't need, but AFAIK the kernel configuration utility in the
install kernel of today's version of FreeBSD is not nearly as good as
it was in the old days.

Even further, perhaps someone will look into the matter, and make
FireWire support optional at boot time.

I really miss the old kernel configuration utility... *sigh*
Hey guys, put it back into shape!

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