DELL SC430 & ahd0: <Adaptec 39320A Ultra320 SCSI adapter>

Martin Nilsson martin at
Fri Aug 19 03:42:38 GMT 2005

Ronald Klop wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Aug 2005 01:29:03 +0200, Ronald Klop  
> <ronald-freebsd8 at> wrote:
>> I had (about) the same problem at a linux server at my work last  
>> weekend. But is was not repeatable for me.
> Forgot to mention this is also on Dell hardware.
> Dell PE2650
>   Vendor: MAXTOR    Model: ATLAS10K4_36SCA   Rev: DFM0
>   Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 03

The latest firmware for the Atlas 10K4 is DFV0, try to get an update 
from Dell.

 From the changelist:
* Eliminated opportunity for 0x4034 bugcheck running with LSI 1030 chip 
and queue depths greater than 64.

* Fix for multiple codeload failure that could occur if first codeload 
is tagged and the second is not.

* Corrected 0xA0AF and 0x4027 bugchecks that were seen during bursty 
sequential and semi-sequential workloads that included Initiator 
Detected Errors (IDEs).

* Sequencer changed to allow multi-packet commands with an error (queue 
full for example) to complete. This fixes a Linux OS load that hangs.

If you are unable to get an update from Dell, contact me offlist.
I'm not sure if you can flash an OEM drive with Maxtor firmware, that's 
why I always stay as far from manufacturers like Dell as I can.....

Martin Nilsson

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