ad10: WARNING - READ_DMA UDMA ICRC error (retrying request) LBA=11441599

Karl Denninger karl at
Wed Aug 10 02:31:13 GMT 2005

Post your "dmesg" output from boot.

If the SATA controller has a SII chipset, you're in trouble.

Get that board out of there - or if its on the motherboard, get something
else in there and use it instead.

SII chipsets were ok in 4.x, but the newer ATA code broke badly with them.
I've had a PR open on this since February, and many others have reported
similar issues.  The problems still exist in the 6.x-BETA releases I've
checked out, and are in some cases MORE severe (for me anyway) than they are
in 5.4.

You CAN AND WILL lose data if you're not careful.  

Be careful!

A BIG disappointment to me is that FreeBSD has not CONSPICUOUSLY stated in
the hardware notes for 5.4 (and beyond) that these controllers DO NOT work 
reliably with 5.x and later, or undertaken to do whatever is needed to 
make them work as they did in 4.x (I had no problems with the same 
hardware under the 4.x releases)  As these controllers are widely 
available and very inexpensive, not to mention showing up in all manner
of boards from various vendors (including Adaptec, Bustek and on some
motherboards!) this is quite a disappointment.

I finally gave up kvetching on the list and bought a 3ware 8502 card.  
Same disks, same system, same load, no problems.

Smartmontools declared all my disks as perfectly healthy in my case, and has
for several others as well....


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On Tue, Aug 09, 2005 at 10:04:14PM -0400, J. T. Farmer wrote:
> Chuck Swiger wrote:
> >O. Hartmann wrote:
> >[ ... ]
> >
> >>One of  my SATA disks, the SAMSUNG SP2004C seems to show errors 
> >>during operation (and also showd under 5.4-RELEASE-p3).
> >>Sometimes I get this error:
> >>ad10: WARNING - READ_DMA UDMA ICRC error (retrying request) LBA=11441599
> >>while the machine still keeps working.
> >>Other days the box crashes completely.
> >>
> >>Is this a operating system bug or is this message an evidence of 
> >>defective hardware?
> >
> >Back up any data you care about now.  Use the smartmontools port or 
> >hunt down a utility from Samsung which'll do a surface test (read 
> >only, nondestructive).
> >
> >You can also run a "dd if=/dev/ad10 of=/dev/null bs=8192" to do a full 
> >read test under FreeBSD, and see how many CRC errors show up.
> Actually, I would go with the "it's an operating system error."  That's 
> exactly
> the same error quite a few people (myself included) have been reporting 
> under
> 5.4 and 5-STABLE.  In my case, I just installed the smartmontools port and
> it's reporting that my drive is behaving perfectly.
> This is 6.0-Beta?  I have a couple spare drives here (destined to be part of
> a RAID array on another machine).  Perhaps after I get rid of some of the
> current RL overloads, I will try it on this machine.
> John
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