x for users slow

Eriq admin at tigergroup.org
Mon Aug 1 07:05:17 GMT 2005

Hi all, first I would like to say thx to the FreeBSD devel team they 
have truly done a great job with 5.4! Now I have all my servers running 
ie. dns (what a headache that was), apache (ok after I got dns working), 
postgres (the easiest of the bunch), postfix (smooth as always). Most if 
not all of my problems were just that I am still learning, (weak admin) 
but after lots of reading man pages I seemed to have managed but now 
after all of this, I notice that it takes a user about a minute after 
'startx' to get into X. Yes I know, but I still like the colors :) 
anyway this doesn't happen when I logon as root and start X. Blackbox is 
the WM hope this helps.

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