How can I mount 2nd Hard disk (IDE)

Doug White dwhite at
Sat Sep 25 13:31:22 PDT 2004

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Kenwey wrote:

> I get a warning message when I boot my FreeBSD 5.1, it shows as follows:
> Detecting Primary Master ...WDC WD400JB-00ETA0 (40GB, running FreeBSD 5.1)
> Detecting Primary Slave ... None
> Detecting Secondary Master .WDC WD400BB-32CXA0 (40GB, /lib can't work well)
> Detecting Secondary Slave ASUS CD-S520/A
> SMART Failure Predicted on Primary Master: WDC WD400JB-00ETA0
> WARNING: Immediately backup your data and replace your hard disk drive
> A failure may be imminent.
> Press F1 to conitnue, DEL to enter SETUP
> 02/16/2000-VT694X-P4V4X-00

This is from your BIOS.  I believe the 'smartmon' port may be able to give
you some additional information.

> I turn off the machine, and pull it (WDC WD400JB-00ETA0) from
> master and connect it to slave, then I do the following to backup :
> # mount -r /dev/ad2s1a /mnt
> it shows: incorrect super block

I don't understand what you've done here. Please post 'dmesg | grep ad' in
the new situation.

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