4-STABLE and 3Ware 9000 series controllers

Vinod Kashyap vkashyap at amcc.com
Tue Sep 21 19:14:56 PDT 2004

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> On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 05:38:18PM +0100, Jason Thomson wrote:
> > A few caveats:
> > 
> > 1.  The firmware is included in the driver.  The driver 
> will update the
> > card's firmware if the driver has more recent firmware than 
> the card.
> > The firmware that came with the 4-STABLE driver at the beginning of
> > August was quite old;  we had to kldload a more recent 
> driver from the
> > 3ware website in order to complete the install.
> I went through the software download procedure on their web site and
> was able to download 9.0.2-Upgrade.zip. So is it a bad idea to use an
> older driver with the firmware from this package? It seems you can
> -UTWA_FLASH_FIRMWARE and the driver won't flash the firmware on you.

The driver will not flash firmware if the firmware image it is bundled
with, is older than the firmware on the controller.  Of course, you can
always disable flashing by not defining TWA_FLASH_FIRMWARE.

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