Where to get 5.3 Stable

freebsd-stable at auscert.org.au freebsd-stable at auscert.org.au
Sun Oct 24 22:16:55 PDT 2004

> Shogan2k1 at aol.com writes:
> > Everyone keep on saying they have problem running 5.3 stable. But is
> > 5.3 stable really out? I can't find it anywhere.
> 5.3-RELEASE isn't out yet, but you can get 5.3-STABLE by cvsup'ing
> the RELENG_5 tag.

As RELENG_5_3 has been branched, I have been tracking this release - I
presume this is the same as RELENG_5 until 5.3 RELEASE is frozen
(already?), but will then only change for security patches. (Someone please
correct me if this is an incorrect assumption)


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