vnode_pager_putpages errors and DOS?

Steve Shorter steve at
Fri Oct 8 10:34:10 PDT 2004


	FreeBSD 4-10

	I have some machines that run customers cgi stuff.
These machines have started to hang and become unresponsive.
At first I thought it was a hardware issue, but I discovered in 
a cyclades log the following stuff that got logged to the
console which explains the cause of the system hangs/failures.

vnode_pager_putpages: residual I/O 65536 at 347
vnode_pager_putpages: I/O error 28]
vnode_pager_putpages: residual I/O 65536 at 285] 

	Zillions of them.

	The only way to recover the machine is to power cycle

	From what I can tell from google etc.. and someone elses
experience it is probably the consequence of someone filling
up /var/tmp or something.

	Should a non root user program be able to DOS
a machine like this? or What is the cause and/or fix for this?

	thanx - steve

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