Mount pending error?

Doug White dwhite at
Sun Nov 28 23:30:12 PST 2004

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004, Paul Mather wrote:

> Last night, this appeared in my logs (and on my console):
> Nov 23 03:05:36 zappa kernel: /data: mount pending error: blocks -1696 files 0
> What is a "mount pending error?"  I have heard this in conjunction with
> unclean shutdowns and fsck, but my system was not shut down recently,
> nor has /data (on a geom_stripe) been unmounted (cleanly or otherwise).
> The only thing I have done that could be related is to make a snapshot
> (later removed), but it was not of the filesystem being complained
> about.  (Also, I create and mount snapshots of all my filesystems as
> part of my nightly TSM backup.)
> I guess I should shutdown and fsck just to make certain everything is
> okay.  I am puzzled why this happened, though.  (I've been running the
> backups for a while, and have not had any complaints.)

Looking at the code in ffs_mountfs(), this is data pulled straight from
the superblock, so I think its some recordkeeping that softupdates is
doing. Immediately after reading those fields they are zeroed so I think
its information on where softupdates was at when the filesystem (or
snapshot) was mounted.  Obviously if there are outstanding softupdate ops
when the snapshot is taken it may not be including those in the snap.

AFAIK its harmless.

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