isp driver crashes on amd64

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Nov 26 17:13:26 PST 2004

David Gilbert wrote:
> I havn't got a dump yet because I have to reduce the memory in the
> machine (or patch the dump mechanism to dump more than 4G), but I have
> a fairly consistent crash with ISP in 5.3-RELEASE-amd64.
> It happens when drives are probed.  If drives are present at boot, the
> crash fingers geom_scan.  Connecting the drives to a running machine
> and running 'camcontrol rescan' fingers another function.
> But the crash doesn't occur unless drives are scanned.
> The controller is a 2340 from Qlogic, although it probes as a 2312.  I
> also havn't gotten around to probing this machine with an ia-32 load
> of the OS.
> I'll be back at this Monday.  It would help if I found a) a patch for
> dumping 8gig, or b) a suspect 64 bit problem in the isp driver.
> Dave.

Try updating to 5-STABLE.  This is likely due to bugs in the >4GB
handling for bounce buffers that I fixed recently.  Actually, on
closer look it might be that the isp driver is buggy also.  Well,
updating to 5-STABLE is a requirement here anyways, so give that a
try and let me know if it's still a problem.


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