vinum troubles on 5.3

Brian Szymanski ski at
Thu Nov 11 19:43:55 PST 2004


After a long and happy time with vinum under 4.8 -> 4.10, I'm finding
things very broken in 5.3. The config I'm trying to accomplish is
relatively simple, just a root mirrored volume configuration which worked
under 4.x.

drive M1 device /dev/ad0s1e
drive M2 device /dev/ad2s1e

volume root
        plex org concat
                sd length 19600m drive M1
        plex org concat
                sd length 19600m drive M2

Using vinum, I lose state information for the drive on ad2 after reboot -
M2 is shown in "vinum l" output only as "referenced"...

Browsing some mailing lists I found that gvinum is the way to go these
days, so I changed to using geom_vinum/gvinum, and the information is
retained across boot, but when I try to boot to the root volume, it says
that the drive is not UFS. When I boot on another partition to look at the
situation, I found that there were no entries in /dev for /dev/ad0s1a. I
wanted to create a ad0s1a entry with mknod, but of course we've got devfs
now, so that didn't work. I'm stumped and not sure how to proceed. Any

I originally was trying a complex configuration like so:
  drive A 200G
  drive B 200G
  drive C 100G
  drive D 100G

I set the concat of drive all of drives C+D to be a volume makeshift, and
added drive definition like so:
  drive MS /dev/gvinum/makeshift

Then, the idea was to do a raid5 of drives A, B, and "drive" MS.

Unfortunately this caused a panic, which is less surprising. Does anyone
know of another way to accomplish the same thing (Raid5 over two disks and
2 half sized disks concatenated together?) or a similar result?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Brian Szymanski
ski at

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