5.3R crash while building world

l0kit0 at exactas.org l0kit0 at exactas.org
Mon Nov 8 11:34:41 PST 2004

>I installed 5.3R on one of my systems, but as soon as I attempt to compile
>something (make buildworld), after 10 seconds or so gcc bombs with an 
>internal compiler error,
>and/or the machine crashes with a 'fatal trap 12' error. This seems to 
>happen at random places.

Had *the same* problem some weeks ago (with 5.3-RC1, 4.10 worked well on that 
box), i spent a all weekend trying to solve it, but eventually blame the 
hardware and start to plug in and out stuff, nothing changed, so i shutdown 
and throw the box from a window, no second tryouts i guess >)

I hope someone can give us some clue, i hate to deal with hardware problems :/

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