calcru: negative runtime of -SOMENUM usec for pid errors.

Dean Patterson psamuel01 at
Mon Nov 8 08:52:30 PST 2004

I have an IBM aptiva, K6/450 and 5.3 gives me
continuous calcru messages.  I understand is it
probably hardware related, but I could not replicate
the messages using 4.10.  I pulled out all the
hardware that I could to no avail.  So is it just the
fact that 4.10 is not showing the messages vs. 5.3? 
Or is there something else I am missing?  I cannot
find the kern.timecounter switch to change and even
then I am wondering if that just stops the messages
instead of fixing the issue.  This will be used as a
NAT Gateway so I need it to be functioning properly.

Thank you,

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