using only swap file without swap partition: OK?

Rob spamrefuse at
Sun Nov 7 02:46:53 PST 2004


With 5.3 it has become much easier to add swap as a regular file,
remove it later, or add a bigger or smaller one instead.

The swap partition always causes me little headache: once the
size is choosen at partitioning during install, it's fixed.
I can't size it up or down anymore, unless I go fiddling with
the partition table, which I desperately like to avoid.

So, why not using swapfile without swap partition at all.
Have it on a big partition with lots of space. If there's a
problem with the space, I can easily move the swap elsewhere.
A swapfile is so much more flexible.

Is there a downside of not using swap partition, and have only
swapfile instead?


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