4.10-RELEASE install badness

J Lachlan Kanaley kanaley at student.usyd.edu.au
Thu May 27 19:25:50 PDT 2004

Hello all, not quite sure if this belongs on this list, so let me
know if it doesn't!

I downloaded 4.10-RELEASE last night and had a go at installing it
this morning.  I wanted to put it onto the same disk as
5.2.1-RELEASE and repartitioned the drive
ad1s1 - 5.2.1
ad1s2 - 4.10
ad1s3 - FreeBSD but nothing on it
ad1s4 - ufs filesystem

however disklabel in the install program got it wrong and (i think)
swapped the disklabels for the first and second slices around.  The
result was that 4.10 booted up fine, but appeared to have the wrong
disklabel (the ones that should have been on slice 1) and I lost my
5.2.1 install (could not boot and could not mount the drives, with
mount complaining of an invalid super block and the bootloader
complaining about no ufs filesystem).

Luckilly i managed to overwrite the disklabels by using the install
program again (this time the 5.2.1 installation cd) and get all my
data back, but lost the 4.10 installation.

In summary im not sure what all this means or what to do about it,
but there if almost definately a bug somewhere (I'm pretty sure I
didn't do anything wrong) so be careful!

- Lachlan


James Lachlan Kanaley

phone:  (02) 9517 3209
mobile: 0427 368 345
email:  kanaley at student.usyd.edu.au
web:    http://users.tpg.com.au/adslclfu

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