Secure NFS (sNFS) on 4-Stable: has somebody succeeded?

Rob stopspam at
Thu May 13 04:51:54 PDT 2004

Cédric Devillers wrote:
> On Wed, 12 May 2004 17:14:50 +0900
> Rob <stopspam at> wrote:
>>Is the difference between perl versions 5.005 and 5.006 so essential?
>>Comparing these version numbers, this looks more like a small bug fix to me.
>>However, if the difference is so important, then why are we still hanging on
>>to 5.005 in the FreeBSD base system, without 'upgrading' that to 5.006 or
> I did not look at yet which are these differences. Sorry.

Found the solution.
I downloaded the most recent release from the perl homepage,
compiled that and installed in a separate directory (/opt/perl),
created a link $HOME/bin/perl->[my new perl]. And all went
like a charm.

Probably a good choice in 5.X to remove perl from base system
and have it as a package/port.


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