Digiboard PCI Xem driver

Lefteris Tsintjelis lefty at ene.asda.gr
Wed May 12 20:11:25 PDT 2004

Peter Jeremy wrote:

> "struct thread"s back to "struct proc", fix the cdevsw initialisation
> and change the kld load path).

Hi Peter and thanks for the reply. I managed to fix the first two but
this one is troubling me. I am no expert at this so any help would be
greatly appreciated.

digi.o: In function `digi_loadmoduledata':
digi.o(.text+0x19bf): undefined reference to `linker_reference_module'

> Unfortunately, no-one seems interested in officially back-porting it 
> to -stable - and I can't see it happening at all now.

Back porting it, seems pretty simple and straight forward...

Lefteris Tsintjelis

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