[PATCH] Fix for 3ware driver

Jason Thomson jason.thomson at mintel.com
Tue May 4 02:52:26 PDT 2004

Is it possible that this problem is also exhibited by a 4.9-STABLE 
Kernel from January 22nd?  i.e. might this same (or a similar) problem 
have existed in the previous driver?

I am seeing i/o hangs (swap_pager: indefinite wait buffer messages) on 
one of our boxes here.  (4 x Maxtor 300GB drives / 3ware 7506-4 / 2.4GHz 
Xeon Dell 1600SC).

The machine is a backup server running BackupPC - it does experience 
heavy load and i/o stress.

Scott Long wrote:

> Mike Tancsa wrote:
>> What cards has this shown up with and what versions of the BIOS ?  I 
>> have quite a few 3ware boxes deployed and have not seen any problems.  
>> When was the bug introduced ?

> The bugs were introduced into 4.x with the vendor update that happened
> on April 7.  So far the only cards that we have tested against have been
> 6xxx series cards.  The bugs deal with resource shortage handling, so
> it's likely that the slower 6xxx cards are more likely than the newer
> cards to experience the problems.  However, on a fast machine under
> heavy I/O load, I would expect it to happen on any card.
> Scott

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