Ps(1) Restricting Command Lines

Dave Tweten tweten at
Mon Mar 29 13:20:16 PST 2004

As of my STABLE upgrade to the 8:00 GMT Saturday version, I have noticed 
that ps(1) is behaving differently.  Unless run by root, "ps -ax" refuses 
to print the command line associated with each process.  I've checked a 
couple things:

1. /bin/ps is not SGID kmem and /dev/kmem permission is set to 0640,
   but that isn't the cause of this problem (though it may cause
   others, since the ps(1) man page says it needs to read /dev/kmem).

2. /proc/*/cmdline is owned by root:wheel and has 0444 permissions.
   It should therefore be usable by ps(1) regardless of who runs it.

So it looks like command lines should print, but they don't.  Does anybody 
know what's happening here?
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