freebsd 4.9 stable tail wont CTRL C

Ryan Pekarik mhx at
Thu Mar 25 09:00:45 PST 2004

I fixed it myself, here is the fix:

make sure you have sshd_enable="YES" in your /etc/rc.conf
If you do not have it in there your tail will not work properly

I have sent in the bug report to fbsd as well.


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Subject: freebsd 4.9 stable tail wont CTRL C

I've been upgrading a few servers to 4.9-STABLE recently. 
Some of them via cvsup from older versions and some of 
them via installing 4.9-RELEASE and then cvsuping to STABLE. 

In both cases I cannot send ctrl+c through ssh! 
If I am on the console there is no problem but if I am 
through a ptty obviously ctrl+c does not send the 
signal correctly. 
E.g. if I do tail -f /some/file.log I can not terminate it! 
Ctrl+Z works fine. Despite when my job is susspended 
I cannot kill pid. Instead I have to kill -9 pid. 

any fixes?



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