natd & virtual hosting

Eli K. Breen eli at
Mon Mar 22 14:58:18 PST 2004

Aha! I'll give that a go.

Thank you.


Matthew Seaman wrote:
>>>>If I have a single IP, will nat with FreeBSD 4.9 allow me to separate
>>>>requests by domain name even if they share an IP?
>>>NAT works with IP addresses.  Why can't you just use Virtual Hosts in 
>>>Apache?  Do you really need to run both versions?  
>>Yes. Unfortunately. (Slash does not run on 2.x, many of the sites 
>>require 2.x)

> A good trick is to set up all of the virtual hosts you need in the
> server listening on port 80 (presumably this is your apache-1.3.x
> server), and then use mod_proxy to fetch the content from the server
> on port 8080 (presumably the apache-2.0.x server).  Something like:
>     <VirtualHost *:80>
>         ServerAdmin  webmaster at
>         ServerName
>         DocumentRoot "/usr/local/www/"  # Not sure if this
>                                                             # is necessary
>         <IfModule mod_proxy.c>
>             ProxyPass        /
>             ProxyPassReverse /
>         </IfModule>
>     </VirtualHost>
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew

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