SV: Promise SX4000 Support in -STABLE?

Matt Douhan matt at
Sun Mar 21 10:17:14 PST 2004

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>[mailto:owner-freebsd-stable at]For Attila Nagy
>Skickat: den 21 mars 2004 19:13
>I have an RM8000 (the difference should be only that it supports 8 PATA
>drives instead of SX4000's 4 and it is in rackmount form, not desktop)
>which can read about 30-40 MBps (yes, it's that slow) and write about
>the 10-20 MBps, when the cache is turned on.

If you have a choice we are having great success with 3ware both PATA and
SATA, the SATA controller reads at over 100 MBps and writes at over 45MBps



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