HEADSUP!!! USB MFC committed..

Yoshihiko Sarumaru mistral at imasy.or.jp
Mon Mar 8 18:30:24 PST 2004


julian wrote:

> > With GENERIC kernel, it is fine and there are no changes from
> > before, but with no usb kernel + usb.ko + umass.ko, it would be
> > panic everytime on boot.
> > 
> > It is not depend on umass. The panic would be happen when I
> > didn't load umass.ko but ucom.ko + umodem.ko and plug USB modem
> > (PHS phone).
> do you need a usb device plugged in for the panic?
> I can not duplicate this..

Because of my laptop has MemoryStick reader inside, I can't
boot without a USB device. But when I boot without umass.ko, it
wouldn't panic at all.
Off cource in that case, load umodem and plug USB modem causes
panic (load umodem but not plug USB modem doesn't cause panic).

So maybe the answer for you question is yes.

Yoshihiko Sarumaru
mail: mistral at imasy.or.jp       web: http://www.imasy.or.jp/~mistral/

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