Standard sbc and pcm support in GENERIC kernel?

Mathew Kanner mat at
Fri Mar 5 08:43:58 PST 2004

[...Just noticed that we are posting to multiple groups.  Sorry
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On Mar 05, Helge Oldach wrote:
> Mathew Kanner:
> >On Mar 05, Helge Oldach wrote:

> Yes, that is exactly correct. I am sorry, I just wasn't clear enough
> with my wording. To be safe, I just tested it:
> case a) "options PNPBIOS" and "device pcm" in the kernel config => works
> case b) "options PNPBIOS" in the kernel config and "kldload snd_pcm" =>
> pcm isn't recognized, but the other PnP devices show up during probe
> case c) *no* "options PNPBIOS" but "kldload snd_pcm" => neither pcm nor
> other PnP devices are recognized
> Did I forget one variation? :-)


	kldloading snd_pcm isn't enough.  You need to load the driver
for your particular card (the module dependacies should load snd_pcm
for you).  I think you are going to have to retry your tests.

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