em0 checksum errors

ict technician ict at cardinalnewman.coventry.sch.uk
Tue Mar 2 06:34:32 PST 2004

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 12:28 pm, ict technician wrote:
> I've been testing an application which uses UDP. I was having difficulties
> so I started taking packet dumps. I noticed that many packets have bad
> checksums. The errors are mostly on UDP packets but I do see some TCP
> packets with errors also. This occurs on system applications without the
> new app. running, e.g. dns/ssh
> This is reproducable on more than one system, although the NICs are
> probably from the same batch, as I bought a box of 5 out of 7 in use.
> Systems are 4.9-RELEASEp1/p2.
> The cards are Intel PRO/1000 MT Server. I'll get the numbers off the card
> shortly.
> One box on stable (18th Feb) seems okay so I'm going to try stable on my
> test box and see if that cures it.
> I won't spam the list with the dump.

replies to self - how uncouth.

While it's building I decide to re-read the recent thread

I'd discounted this as I wasn't seeing the EEPROM message.

Sure enough, moving the em0 card seems to fix the problem.

I'll reply to self again once I confirm the conflicting item ;)

i j hart

ICT Technician
Cardinal Newman Catholic School & Community College

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