dscheck(#ar/2): negative b_blkno error on FreeBSD-4.10-STABLE

Doug White dwhite at gumbysoft.com
Mon Jun 28 17:24:39 PDT 2004

On Sun, 27 Jun 2004, Vladimir Zhurov wrote:

> Hello,
> Today's /var/log/messages and /var/log/dmesg.today got filled with:
> dmesg.today:
> dscheck(#ar/2): negative b_blkno -1721888480
> messages:
> /kernel: dscheck(#ar/2): negative b_blkno -1721888480

I've seen this if the array or partition table is corrupted. The check is
at the front of dscheck() in src/sys/kern/subr_diskslice.c.  You might
make sure your raid array is functioning normally and the fdisk table
hasn't been spammed.

> Does anyone know what is the reason for such error and whether it is
> critical?

It shouldn't happen -- you might go exploring with fdisk(8).

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