FE750, SATA and 4.10

Bjoern Koenig bkoenig at cs.tu-berlin.de
Sun Jun 27 08:39:42 PDT 2004

Francis PALLINI wrote:

> The RAID SATA technology support in (Free|Open)BSD seems recent (I mean
> 4.10).

There is no need for "SATA technology support". Its an affair between device
and controller. FreeBSD-STABLE knows a few controller chips which are used
with the SATA interface. Also a lot of manufacturers provide suitable
drivers. That should be enough.

I already used a RAID1 solution with two SATA hard disks and FreeBSD 4.5(!)
without any additional drivers, that means with FreeBSD's built-in drivers
without explicit SATA support. It worked fine.

> The man page of aac says it supports "CERC SATA RAID 2", but is it
> the same or at least compatible with "RAID 1 CERC SATA (6 channels)"?

The only controller I discovered on Dell's homepage is called "Adaptec CERC
SATA1.5/6ch" or simply "CERC SATA RAID". So I assume that this is the only
SATA controller which is offered by Dell. The string "CERC SATA RAID 2"
comes only up with FreeBSD, so I guess it's an erratum and they mean the
same controller. I think in this case the controller will work with aac(4)


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