Annoying delays appeared while connecting to the server

Illia Baidakov illich at
Thu Jun 24 12:20:40 GMT 2004

Hello Mark,

Thursday, June 24, 2004, 8:03:21 AM, you wrote:

>> On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Illia Baidakov wrote:
>> > Hello freebsd-stable,
>> >
>> >   I noticed it about a week ago. My local hosts have suffering
>> >   such delays while connecting to the (imho) tcp-wrapped services,
>> >   namely ssh, smtp, mysql.
>> >   It looks like the addresses to names resolving. I don't need to resolve m
>> y
>> >   local names or addresses now. There was not any delays early.
>> >   But they have appeared without any visable reason.
>> >
>> >   What could to involve a such system behaviour?
>> >   How should I return my system to previous state?
>> >
>> > P.S.  I will not want neither to edit the /etc/hosts file nor create
>> >       and maintain dns-zones for the internal hosts.
>> I don't see any changes to the tcpwrappers services. Check resolv.conf;
>> maybe one of the listed nameservers is down or unresponsive?
My nameserver is up, partially at the connection starting

>> You really should have machines in DNS or /etc/hosts, but if you don't
>> want to maintain that, then you suffer the consequences.

MA>         He is also in violation of RFC 1918.  You don't have to

In which part of it?

MA>         populate the reverse zone.  A empty zone (SOA and NS records
MA>         only) will prevent the queries leaking and improve response
MA>         times.

Yes, it has solved my problem.

MA>         Why should the rest of the world have to fork out real money
MA>         to run nameservers to sink these bogus queries?

Now I'm going to meet how does a name resolving in the goes on.
Thank you.

Illia Baidakov.

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