4.10 && Promise TX4 at Intel S875WP1-E motherboard - no disks?

Doug Ambrisko ambrisko at ambrisko.com
Thu Jun 17 20:23:17 GMT 2004

astesin at ukrtelecom.net writes:
| After having some trouble with CURRENT on this box (P4 3.0E, note `E' on
| Intel S875WP1-E motherboard, the modification with Promise SATA RAID in 0+1
| setup, 4 SATA disks) due to development issues,
| I decided to install 4.10 on it - the box needs to go into production really
| soon and will stay in pretty much unattended mode in a datacenter.
| Strange enough, 4.10 wasn't able to see RAID array on Promise, sysinstall
| told me that there are no disks. Looking at kernel boot messages confirmed
| this: there is no ar0 device. (???)
| Any suggestions on how do I install STABLE on this box? What ATA driver do I
| need in the distribution in order to get the thing working?

I've updated my patches to FreeBSD 4.10:

Let me know how it goes ... obvious caveat is that you need to rebuild
your kernel to see the Promise SATA card.


Doug A.

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