newbie question about compiling kernel on compaq proliant 6400R

Andrew T. Hodgkins andy at
Wed Jun 9 23:39:46 GMT 2004

Yeah, it bounced from the list...I think the listserver didn't like my
digital signature for some reason.  :p

Anyway, as I remember you can only set it before installation.  I had used
the 'Other' setting at first also, but that definitely didn't work.  Is
there a setting for Unixware?  Give that a try instead.


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any idea why I don't see your respond through nntp? I see that you've sent
it to the list also. strange...

> I had similar problems on a dual processor Pentium Pro Compaq, and it 
> turned out you had to make sure you selected the right OS type in the 
> BIOS for an SMP kernel to work.  If you didn't, it would hang exactly 
> like you're describing.  IIRC, you had to select 'Unixware' in the 
> SmartStart setup, but you might have to experiment with other choices 
> to get the right one.
can I do it after the installation? I thought I can only do it before... If
I remember I've set it to "other" (there was no freebsd in the list).


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