Stable-CVS commit on June 8: hostname lookup failures !?!

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at
Wed Jun 9 11:13:27 GMT 2004

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Rob wrote:

R> I upgraded my kernel & world from (time stamp about
R> June 9th 8:00 UTC). After that, the browsers mozilla and opera hang
R> when looking up hostnames (but konqueror worked fine, strange, isn't it?).
R> I booted up with kernel.old, to no avail. So I concluded the problem
R> is in the the world upgrade.
R> With up- and downgrading, I narrowed down the offending commit to CVS:
R> Establishing multiplexed-mode data connection
R> Running
R> Updating collection src-all/cvs
R>  Edit src/bin/ps/ps.c
R>   Add delta 2004. gad
R>  Edit src/lib/libc/stdio/fclose.c
R>   Add delta 2004. hmp
R>  Edit src/sys/net/bpf.h
R>   Add delta 2004. dwmalone
R> Shutting down connection to server
R> Finished successfully
R> Does anyone have an idea what is the connection between my mozilla/opera's
R> behaviour and these commits? Is this a bug in Stable?

It seems reverting revision of src/lib/libc/stdio/fclose.c should 
band-aid the problem:

marck at woozle:/usr/src/lib/libc/stdio> cvs diff fclose.c
Index: fclose.c
RCS file: /home/ncvs/src/lib/libc/stdio/fclose.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.8.2.1 fclose.c
--- fclose.c    8 Jun 2004 13:15:01 -0000
+++ fclose.c    9 Jun 2004 11:13:00 -0000
@@ -68,9 +68,9 @@
        if (HASLB(fp))
+       FUNLOCKFILE(fp);
        fp->_file = -1;
        fp->_r = fp->_w = 0;    /* Mess up if reaccessed. */
        fp->_flags = 0;         /* Release this FILE for reuse. */
-       FUNLOCKFILE(fp);
        return (r);

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