cannot boot system built today

Brandon Fosdick bfoz at
Thu Jun 3 03:34:41 GMT 2004

Lee Harr wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, I burned a 4.10-RELEASE cd and tried
> booting that.  It boots in to sysinstall normally!
> So, now... what could be the difference that allows the cd to boot, but
> not the same kernel booting from the hard drive?

I just tried the same thing, except that I blew away by old installation 
first. Install finished normally, but on the first reboot it hung up on 
the IDE stuff again. Since I'm dual booting with win2k I decided to 
replace the ancient bootsect.bsd file I had been using with /boot/boot1 
from the livefs cd (disc2). Same results. Now what?

Its weird how it will boot from the cd w/o problem but it barfs from the 
hard drive. I don't have a non-dual boot machine to try...I wonder if 
that's the problem.

Has anybody filed a PR for this yet?

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