MPD 3.18 not working under 4.10-STABLE?

Andy Brook andy at
Tue Jun 1 14:43:15 PDT 2004

Strangely enough I'll be upgrading a box tomorrow that is currently
4.9-RELEASE-p5 and mpd-3.17 (from the ports) to 4.10-RELEASE and
mpd-3.18 (still from the ports) I guess I should do the make world dance
and then upgrade mpd.  I'll let you know how it goes.

However from comparing the following two links I don't believe these
changes made to ng_pptpgre before the cut to 4.10-RELEASE.

On a similar note can anyone point me in the direction of how to use the
new "knobs" as we're having major speed problems with two (neither the
above) machines each running mpd to create a pptp tunnel across the
internet each end has a 2Mbps connection to the internet and gets in
excess of 180KBps to local internet servers (tested using some FreeBSD
ftp mirrors) but only 14KBps across the VPN?  I had an idea this was to
do with sliding windows?  We get a consistent ping time (end to end) of
about 300ms.  We have other pptp peers closer (30ms end to end) with
identical setup but they get the full bandwidth.

If I want to take these updates staying with 4.10-RELEASE then I assume
I just have to fetch the new versions of the files listed here? 



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Paul Mather schrieb:
> Has anyone experienced any problems with MPD (installed via the
> net/mpd port) not working under 4.10-STABLE?  I've had MPD installed
Is your 4-Stable dated post Sun May 16 19:26:46 2004?, if yes, then you
have to rebuild Mpd from scratch after the system update, due to a new
pptptgre config option wich breaks binary compatibility.

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