edquota -t broken?

Sven Willenberger sven at dmv.com
Fri Jul 16 15:30:29 PDT 2004

Having never had to concern myself with changing the grace period on
quota filesystems I never came across this issue before. Using the -t
flag to edquota to change the grace period on the file system in
question has utterly no effect. Whether I take someone who was
overquota, raise their quota and lower it, or cause a new user to go
overquota, the grace period always starts counting down from 7 days.

This occurs on 4.7 FreeBSD as well as 5.2.1-P8. The odd thing is that I
can go into /usr/src/ufs/ufs/quota.h and change the #DEFINE MAX_DQ_TIME
to equal 30 days instead of 7 days and then recompiling quota.c edquota.
c and so on.

When I invoke edquota -t -f /usr/home for example it *does* display:

Time units may be: days, hours, minutes, or seconds
Grace period before enforcing soft limits for users:
/usr/home: block grace period: 30 days, file grace period: 0 days

But this has utterly no effect on the quota reporting. Just to check if
maybe it was the quota program misreporting it, I wrote a quick c
program to check the value of dqb_btime from the structure defined in

struct dqblk {
        u_int32_t dqb_bhardlimit;       /* absolute limit on disk blks
alloc */
        u_int32_t dqb_bsoftlimit;       /* preferred limit on disk blks
        u_int32_t dqb_curblocks;        /* current block count */
        u_int32_t dqb_ihardlimit;       /* maximum # allocated inodes +
1 */
        u_int32_t dqb_isoftlimit;       /* preferred inode limit */
        u_int32_t dqb_curinodes;        /* current # allocated inodes */
        int32_t   dqb_btime;            /* time limit for excessive disk
use */
        int32_t   dqb_itime;            /* time limit for excessive
files */

After checking the value of that from a freshly overquota user and
subtracting the current unix time, I was left with 7 days. 

Any ideas on this one?


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