Fairly regular crash with usb disk backup

Charles Ulrich charles at idealso.com
Wed Jul 14 07:07:28 PDT 2004

S. Anthony Sequeira said:
> 4 times out of 5 (approximately) all goes well.  The 5th time it hard
> crashes the system.
> It's a bit annoying, but I can live with it.  However, I'm sure someone
> would like details of the problem.  I am also a bit worried about the
> state of my disk volumes after the crash.
> There is absolutely nothing in /var/log/messages or redirected stdin/err
> for the job.
> What, if anything, should I do so as I can provide debugging material if
> required?

I believe I have a similar situation.

My main server at home ran a number of different operating systems in the past
with no stability issues until I installed FreeBSD 4.10. After that, it would
reboot with no provocation or explanation approximately once a day. Uptime
varied between 5 minutes and 2 days.

Thinking that I perhaps had a dodgy motherboard, I replaced it and all was
well for about 4 days. It rebooted again this morning with explanation. A
closer look at the logs revealed that my el-cheapo USB 2.0 card freaked out an
hour before reboot on two occasions, so if the machine reboots again I'm going
to try yanking out the USB card since I'm not really using it at the moment.

That may not be an option for you since you use USB to back your system up,
but maybe we can get a developer to help us find a fix or workaround.

Charles Ulrich

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