mailing list archive problem?

Kent Stewart kstewart at
Fri Jan 30 10:48:21 PST 2004

On Friday 30 January 2004 06:05 am, Kenneth W Cochran wrote:
> Hello -stable:
> Even though I (seem to) get email from subscribed FreeBSD
> lists, it appears that the archives "stopped reporting"
> updates via the Web after Monday evening US time.
> This appears to apply to all the FreeBSD lists.  Is this
> really the case (e.g. some kind of configuration change
> for archive browsing) or is it some kind of problem on
> my end/network?

I find about 1/2 of the mail I receive has been significantly delayed. A 
symptom is I will see many responses before I see the original email. 
So, it appears that some people are seeing the original email quickly 
and it is being delayed for other people. Mailman appears to have 
developed some sort of glitch.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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