FreeBSD constantly crashing

Robert Watson rwatson at
Thu Jan 29 07:00:58 PST 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Stanislav Grozev wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 07:50:52PM -0500, Robert Watson wrote:
> > > attached are the kernel configuration and the dmesg.  Please, can anyone
> > > shed any light on this? I thought it was the hardware, but I've changed
> > > everything except the hard disks - new case, new powersupply, new
> > > motherboard, new processor, new RAM, new Adaptec. 
> > 
> > Are you able to get a crash dump, or compile in DDB and get a stack trace?
> I have recompiled a debug kernel and set up the system to provide a
> crashdump.  on the next crash I will get a stack trace and mail it here


> > Does seem odd that the problem would persist after a downgrade -- can you
> > confirm that you don't have any kernel modules that are out of sync with
> > your current kernel source?
> i am using make installkernel, it insures that, right? i do not have any
> third party modules - only the standard ones

Sounds good.  Sources of other modules are usually things like VMWare,
etc, and if using them and also tracking -STABLE or -CURRENT, or changing
versions generally, you have to be pretty careful.

> I am using vinum, does that matter? but it is in sync with the kernel so
> far no data corruption has occured (thankfully) 

Well, it might matter in the sense that it's a large piece of code that
increases the breadth of code you're running, but if you're using
installkernel, it shouldn't present an ABI problem (especially if
userspace is also in sync). 

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