correct way to cvsup ports for -stable

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Fri Jan 23 08:59:31 PST 2004

In addition, after running portsdb -Uu (after you've cvsup'ed), running:

portversion -l "<"

will provide you with a list of outdated installed ports/packages.  You
can then upgrade each package individually:

portupgrade mplayer

or upgrade all installed and out-of-date ports/packages:

portupgrade -ar

You might also want to read over ONLamp's take on this issue:

Ports Tricks

Cleaning Up Ports

Hope this helps, I can't guarantee that this is the absolute "right
way", but it's worked for me without fail up to this point.  If,
however, there are any glaring errors in my procedures, please correct

Kindest regards.

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On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 08:29, Jozef Babjak wrote:
> Hi!
> A similar topic has been disscused here several days ago, but I still don't
> understand, how correctly update ports tree via cvsup. I have installed
> 4.9-release. I upgraded to -stable according to
> /usr/share/examples/cvsup/stable-supfile (I have changed only '*default
> host=...' line, all rest I kept untouched) and I done make world and kernel...  
> I understand well how to upgrade system, but my questions about ports are:
> 1) Is it ok to upgrade ports, or do I have keep ports instaled from -release CD?
> 2) If I should upgrade ports, how exactly? Which file from examples I should use 
> and how I need to modify it? There is nothing about ports upgrade in 
> stable-supfile and ports-supfile deals about -current. Is it enough to use
> cvs-supfile from examples directory, change a cvsup server and comment out 
> 'doc-all' and 'cvsroot-all', isn't it?
> Sorry for (maybe) stupid questions; I read comments in stable-supfile and 
> handbook, but this is still not clear for me. 
> Jozef
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