OpenSSH Vulnerable Prior to 3.7.1

Dave Tweten tweten at
Thu Jan 22 11:49:49 PST 2004

I just received a computer security bulletin from another (reliable) 
source stating that there are indications of an exploit in the wild for 
versions of OpenSSH prior to 3.7.1.  It says the exploit can produce 
denial of service or administrative control of the target system.  Sshd on 
my FreeBSD-STABLE system from last Saturday says it is version 3.5p1.

I understand that FreeBSD patches old versions of OpenSSH instead of 
substituting new ones, but my question is whether sshd version 
"OpenSSH_3.5p1 FreeBSD-20030924" has these vulnerabilities fixed.  Is it 
as secure as OpenSSH 3.7.1?
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