Upgrading from 4.8-RELEASE to 4.9-RELEASE

Rich Wales richw at richw.org
Mon Feb 9 10:06:33 PST 2004

I'm currently running 4.8-RELEASE (p15), and I'm thinking of upgrading
to 4.9-RELEASE.

The system in question is a "production" server and has been extremely
stable, but I realize that 4.8-RELEASE is approaching the end of its
life cycle and want to move to the next supported release.  I'm not
ready to go to 5.x yet.

I'm using vinum (RAID-1 mirror), atapicam (to control a DVD burner via
growisofs), and a SCSI scanner.

Are there any unresolved issues in 4.9-RELEASE which I should be aware
of before I upgrade a production system to this version from 4.8?

Rich Wales            richw at richw.org            http://www.richw.org

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