4.9 doesn't answer.

Zsolt Bognar zsozso at vfemail.net
Sat Feb 7 09:46:40 PST 2004

The server has a reverse dns address, it can't be problem.
The strange thing: It had been good until the last week, I didn't changed or
upgraded anything before crashes.

I suspected the nfs because there weren't any other message in the log
One of these freezes, I was loged into the server over ssh and suddenly the
mashine didn't answer my commands.
After this, every opened ports gone away. And as I said, the sshd and
proftpd banner saw in telnet client but the auth. didn't work.


"Marian Hettwer" <MH at kernel32.de> az alábbiakat írta a következo üzenetben
news:401F9B2A.1020500 at kernel32.de...
> Gregory Bond wrote:
> > First thing to check is rDNS - make sure the box can resolve the IP
> > used to connect to it.  That's often why ssh/telnet/ftp/etc hang up -
> > for rDNS results to write log records.
> >
> indeed ! If the reverse DNS is not working properly, ssh session tends
> to time out before asking for username ...
> best regards,
> Marian

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