Netgear WG311 & ASUS P2L97-S

Fredrick Nilsson fredrick.nilsson at
Thu Feb 5 07:16:51 PST 2004

Be careful, I bought one of those last week, and it was based upon a Texas
Instrument chipset instead of an Atheros. So it was completly useless to me.


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Dear list,

I plan to build an FreeBSD AP with a Netgear WG311 Wireless Card.
The Spec lists as system requirements a "PCI 2.2 compliant" slot.
Unfortunately the M/B I plan to use (ASUS P2L97-S) list only 2.1
Does someone have experience with the Netgear in a PCI 2.1 slot ... does
it work, too.
If yes, are there drawbacks. If no, which 802.11g card will work in a
PCI 2.1 slot (e.g. D-Links DWL-G520 doesn't list the need of PCI 2.2).



netgear datasheet:
m/b manual:

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